About Karen


Karen is nationally known for her accuracy in her physic work. She is a serious, down to earth person, and has spent the last 30 years using her gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance to help others.  Karen was just 10 when her family realized her Gift s had been passed on to her by her ancestors.  Karen is a 3rd Generation intuitive in her family.  Her spiritual journey started in 1972, when she started honing her skills and training in the metaphysical arts. Karen has spent the last 17 years traveling extensively with her work, giving Readings and Lectures.  She offers many services, including readings, classes and speaking engagements.

Karen also uses her skills as a Medical Intuitive in her Readings and Healings. The primary goal is always to help people HEAL and to empower them to fulfill their Soul Purpose in this Life Time. She would like them to discover their highest potential for their own personal growth development!  Here is a list of what Karen’s readings are about and more!

Karen’s experience and training is extensive.  She has been certified in Trance Medium ship. She trained and received her degrees at the world famous Spiritual Camp Chesterfield in Indiana; one of only three camps in the world certified for this work. Karen was honored to be a guest teacher and lecturer since her graduation.

Karen is on the “Board of American Association of Medium / Psychic / Healer.”  She is also an ordained Spiritual Minister and Buddhist taking her refuse in 2000. Karen has been interviewed on many Radio Shows, including Q-102 in Cincinnati, Ohio and various stations in New York, Tennessee and other areas.  Locally she has also been interviewed by Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper and on Channel 9 and 12 TV stations.