Karen experience makes her an excellent choice to assist you on your spiritual path. She is available for Personal Readings, Telephone Readings, and Parties including Corporate, Weddings, Graduations, Retirements, and Birthdays.

Types of readings available include:

  • Find out your Soul Purpose/Soul Lesson in Your Life Time
  • Past Life
  • Channel Loved Ones that have Crossed Over
  • Resolving Love/Family Issues
  • Advice on Career Choices/Best Time to Make That ChoiceMessages From Your Angels/Guides
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Best Time to Marry or Divorce
  • Best Time to Travel

Please contact Karen prior to making a payment for a reading to ensure her availability. Either contact her by email at or by phone 859.426.8211.

How Karen prepares for your appointment

When you have an appointment with Karen, she spends a lot of time in preparation before your reading.  Karen begins sitting in prayer and meditation, asking for help from the spirit world.  She also includes astrology, to help you understand how the planets may be affecting you in this life and in the present, and how long the affect will last.

Karen also uses her own “Technique” to look at your life’s cycles and how they affect you in the present.  This technique also identifies whether you are going through a toxic time in your life, how long it will last and what you can do to ease through it.  This is called  ‘Soul Path Purpose” in your current life time.  She will also check to see if there are life lessons that you may not be getting or understand.

By doing this before your appointment, Karen has more time to devote to you at your scheduled time.

What to expect from your phone reading

First I would like to explain what a phone reading is all about?

The information you receive is no different than if you were sitting with me! WHY? Because, I am a Medium, Channeler and much more. Look at my bio for more details.

The Angels & Spirit are able to filter the information in front of me! I was born with a gift of hearing and seeing my guides and Angels talk to me.  I can see them and feel their vibrations.

I can also feel your energy at the same time, and what is going on with you at the present moment. They feed me the information you need to hear. They use my body to filter this all together so I can relay it to you.

For more than 30 years I have been doing phone readings all over the world. From Japan, Canada and Mexico, to California and Florida, and many more states.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how this works.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Peace & Love, Karen Kenny

Purchase a reading

Please call or email first to insure availability.  If you need to cancel I understand, however cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be charged a $25 cancellation fee)

1 Hour Reading $130.00

45 Minute Reading $100.00


30 Minute Reading $80.00


15 Minute Reading $50.00


Reserve Reading $25 (pay balance at time of reading)
(non-refundable if you fail to cancel within 24hrs)

Trance Reading ($150)

During a trance reading Karen contacts her Spirit Guides to establish a connection with your loved ones who have crossed over and to make sure that they’re able to come through. Karen guarantees your loved one will come in or there will be no charge. She goes into prayer and meditation to raise the vibration and energy levels, making it easy for them to communicate what they want you to know.